SSOA Administration

Board Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2020

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray                  

Board Members Present: Bill Campbell, President, Roger DeGray, Vice President, Tom Jeanes, Treasurer & Ray Schoenwandt, Director.  Secretary, Donna Barrese had an excused absence.

Approved Agenda:
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray

Consent Calendar:   

Approved Minutes From:  December 11, 2019
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray 4-0 motion

EXECUTIVE MEETING:  Was held on Wednesday, Executive Meeting Wednesday January 8, 2020 5:00 pm
Items of Discussion
Follow–up Fire Prevention & Safety Hearings for the following Unit & Lot Numbers:
Discussed imposing Fire Fines and granting extensions on the following Unit & Lot numbers: 

  • 21-030, 4-301, 3-262, 25-223 & 2-201
  • 6:00 pm Closed Session Hearing with Member at Unit & Lot 21-032
  • Donna to give update on CC&R violation & fine imposed ($400) on Unit & Lot # 25-223
  • Unit & Lot # 22-098 Extension given to February 1, 2020 for Fire Fines
  • Rescind Fire Fines on the following properties:
  • # 4-306 in the amount $500, # 3-279 in the amount of $200 & 2-161 in the amount of $400.
  • Discussed Complaint against Unit & Lot 24-180 Tree Cutting on property
  • Discuss the Boards role and practices in governing the association.
  • Collections & Fines
  • Follow-up to collection process on Unit & Lot # 3-238
  • Follow-up Foreclosure on # 4-301. Per the Association attorney she recommends that the Collection Company mails notices to all addresses on file for the Member.
  • Review Architectural Applications

PLANNING MEETING:   Was held on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 6:30 pm

  • Newsletter distribution through Sacramento Management
  • Blog on Website
  • Wisteria Pool – One of the good pumps is leaking.  Our Pool Contractor recommends replacing the seal.  The cost to replace the seal with parts & labor is $250 - $300.
  • The other pump that needs replacing will cost $1700 with parts & labor.  This can be done in April.  Also, a new pool cover is needed at the Wisteria pool. Estimated cost $7400.
  • Fire Safety & Evacuation Plan

Open Forum:    Member Jimi Scheid discussed the idea of the Association purchasing a new play structure to place somewhere on the common area or possibly purchasing additional play structure to add to our existing play structure.  Jimi had posted the idea to Members within the association to get some feedback from them.  So far, the results were about half for and half against the idea of an additional play structure.  Board Member Ray Schoenwandt went to look at play structures and brought back brochures for the Board to look at.  After further discussion the Board suggested that this item should be discussed at the next Planning Meeting scheduled for February 5th at 6:30 pm at the Lodge.

Member Cathy Peterson asked if the Board had a policy for the use of the newly installed generator at the Lodge.  The Board said this item should be discussed at our next Planning Meeting in February. 

Cathy also suggested that maybe the Board would consider using less paper at the meetings by using their electronic devises to view the agenda or print the agenda at home so the association is not having to print so many copies of the agenda to save on cost.
Manager’s Report: Association Manager, Shelly Thompson reported the following:

  • The large Oak tree near the maintenance garage has been cut into rounds and the slash piles have been chipped.  A-Team Tree Service was the Contractor who performed the work.
  • Nathan Slemmer with Sierra Supertech has installed the new software to the laptop, and the docking station also has been installed. I am currently working on the new system.
  • The Generac Generator is online and ready for use. 

Treasurers Report: Treasurer, Tom Jeanes, reported January 2020-Analysis of December and Yearly Accounts:  Year to date expenses are slightly over budget.  The areas that need to be watched and have been adjusted for the upcoming budget are:  Telephone costs, well under budget for the year (under $2800).  Electricity & propane (over $1500).  Water cost (under $1300).  Operation expense for everything except insurance (under $10,000). Operation expenses over budget for the year (Insurance from 2018) (over $2800).  Payroll expenses under budget for the year (under $3200).  Vehicle Insurance is under budget for the year (under $3300).  Pool expenses slightly higher than budget for the year but should be okay for the next year (over $1900).  Some of these expenses are seasonal (utilities, pool and maintenance) but the budget should keep them in line for the next year. 

Fire Safety Committee:  Les Richards, Fire Safety Committee Member, said he attended the County’s Fire Safety meeting and he wanted to report that PG&E has refunded the County $399,490.00 for the Public Safety shutdowns, in hopes that the County will purchase generators to keep the signal lights working during power outages.  There was a new bill that was passed back in October 2019 by the Governor, assembly bill 38 that has to do with PRC 4291 and updating it.  There seems to be a difference between the Fire Wise National program and the State program. Les went on to say that the tree mortality rate is being fazed out by the County which, means that the bark beetles are not as bad as it once was in our County. 

The California Conservation Corp. (CCC) in Greenwood will be re-established in 2023.  The County chipping program estimated up to 6 hours of chipping for 198 customers, the program provided services to over 500 customers. The program was funded by grant money from the state. 

The US Forestry Department said that they still have over 7,000 acres of debris to burn.  So far, they have completed 1500 acres of fire fuel reduction. 

Road Committee:  Bill Campbell, Road Committee Chairperson stated that he has noticed damages to SSOA roads from the PG&E Contractors.  Bill noticed some damage to the road on Shooting Star Road.  Bill suggested that this information is brought to Mike Eddy, Supervisor for Under Ground Construction attention when he contacts the Association Office to request that his company uses the Meadow to store telephone poles that will be installed in the area around the Meadow.

The concrete cloth that was recently installed in selected culvert pipes are working well.  Bill will continue to monitor the culverts.

Bill Campbell made a motion for a resolution to discuss all the items on tonight’s Agenda.  Ray Schoenwandt seconds the motion. 
M/S/C Campbell/Schoenwandt 4-0 motion carries

01-A01 – Imposing Fine - Discussed imposing Fire Fines of $100 per month, effective February1, 2020 on the following Unit & Lot numbers 4-301, 2-201 & 21-032 that are not in compliance with the SSOA Fire Prevention & Safety Rule.  The property Owners have been notified in writing of their violations and have been invited to meet with the Board at a closed session meeting.  The Members in question did not attend the meeting.  Bill Campbell made a motion to impose a $100 per month fire fine effective February 1, 2020 and the loss of privileges for Unit & Lot numbers 4-301, 2-201 & 21-032. Roger DeGray seconds the motion.
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray 4-0 motion carries

01-A02 – Amending Effective Date – Discussed amending the Fire fine date that was imposed at the December 11, 2019 Board meeting from an effective date of January 1, 2020 to February 1, 2020 on Unit & Lot number 22-098.  Bill Campbell made a motion to amend the effective date from January 1, 2020 to February 1, 2020, impose $100 per month fine & loss of privileges.  Roger DeGray seconds the motion.
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray 4-0 motion carries
01-A03 - Rescinding Fine – Discussed rescinding Fire Fine on Unit & Lot # 21-030 in the amount of $200, #2-183 in the amount of $648.45, # 4-306 in the amount of $500 & #3-279 in the amount of $200.  Bill Campbell made a motion to rescind the fire fines on Unit & Lot numbers 21-030 in the amount of 200, 2-183 in the amount of $648.45, 4-306 in the amount of $500 & 3-279 in the amount of $200.  Roger DeGray seconds the motion.
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray 4-0 motion carries

01-A04 – Correction in Minutes – Let the record reflect that there was a typo on the November 13, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes.  The Board voted to impose a fire fine on Unit & Lot #25-234, which was incorrect.  The property that the Board should have voted to impose a fire fine on was Unit & Lot #25-237 in the amount of $100 effective December 1, 2019.  At the December 11, 2019 Board Meeting the Board voted to rescind the fire fine on Unit & Lot # 25-237 in the amount of $100.
Roger DeGray made a motion to correct the typo.  Ray Schoenwandt seconds the motion.
M/S/C DeGray/Schoenwandt 4-0 motion carries

01-A05 – Wisteria Pool – There are 2 pool pumps at the Wisteria pool. One that is currently working has a seal that needs to be replaced.  To replace the seal, it will cost $250 - $300 for parts and labor.  The other pump is no longer any good and needs to be replaced.  To replace this pump, it will cost $1700 in parts and labor.  Also, the pool cover at the Wisteria pool needs to be replaced.  The pool cover is a special-order commercial pool cover that can only be purchased through a Pool Contractor.  The cost to purchase the custom pool cover through Loop Loc is $4200.  Bill Campbell made a motion to repair seal & replace pump at the Wisteria pool not to exceed $2100.  Roger DeGray seconds the motion.
M/S/C Campbell/DeGray 4-0 motion carries
Bill Campbell made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:37 PM
Ray Schoenwandt seconds the motion.
Meeting Adjourned 7:37PM

Respectfully Submitted by, Shelly Thompson, Association Manager