SSOA Administration

Board Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2020

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:32 p.m.
M/S/C DeGray/Jeanes           

Board Members Present: Roger DeGray, President, Cathy Petersen, Vice President, Tom Jeanes, Treasurer, Ray Schoenwandt, Director & Secretary, Donna Barrese.

Approved Agenda:
M/S/C DeGray/Jeanes

Approved Minutes From:  July 8, 2020
M/S/C Petersen/Schoenwandt 5-0 motion

CLOSED SESSION EXECUTIVE MEETING:  Was held by video conference on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 5:00 pm to discuss disciplinary action against unit & lot #21-030 for a CC&R violation.

EXECUTIVE MEETING: EXECUTIVE MEETING:  Was held by video conference on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 5:30 pm.
Items of Discussion:

  • CC&R Complaint against Unit & Lot # 1-094
  • Cathy to discuss Architectural Committee & Board Members
  • Collections
  • SSOA CC&R’s – Duration of Restrictions

PLANNING MEETING AGENDA: Was held by video conference on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 6:30 pm
Items of Discussion:

  • SSOA Commercial Activity Rule
  • Discuss Exterior Property Rules (proposal is to expand garbage/trash portion and add rules regarding addresses).
  • Architectural Committee - based on Davis Sterling - if more than 2 board members sit on the committee, we have to advise the membership of the architectural applications.
  • Discuss App that Fire Safety Council uses to be paid for by SSOA for committee members and board members who need to figure out property locations.
  • Timber left behind by PG&E & leaving timber for SSOA residents
  • 2021 Budget
  • Determine closure dates for both Pools (Monday September 7th Labor Day)

Open Forum:   SSOA Fire Evaluator, Mike Reimers wanted to know if a vendor could utilize the easement walking/equestrian trial off Sierra Springs Drive to perform work on a Members property that connects to the trial. 

  • Manager’s Report: Association Manager, Shelly Thompson reported:   There are two common area greenbelts that required clearing of trees so vendors or the association could gain access to the greenbelts.  The Board approved A-Team tree Services to remove trees in the 4 & 7 acre greenbelt access lanes.  This work has been completed.
  • At the entry of Sierra Springs & Sly Park Road there was some Scotch Broom bushes that needed to be removed.  A-Team Tree Services removed the Scotch Broom.   Our Maintenance person will apply weed killer to the stumps of the Scotch Broom.
  • The Board approved removing a damaged tree and chipping left over debris from a vacant lot on Daisy Drive and charging the cost back to the property owners account.  A-Team Tree Service have been contracted to do the work on the property which, will take place by the end of the month or sooner.
  • Santillan Landscape Services have been contracted to weed whack portions of the non-county maintained roadside shoulders for fire safety.  The work is scheduled for Thursday, August 20th & Friday, August 21st.
  • Each year the Association is required by law to perform a reserve study of assets, determine the useful life, remaining life and determine the replacement cost of the item(s).  Every three years we are required to have an “onsite visit” which, the last on site visit was in 2018.  This year we are required to do a “review”.  I am currently working on this project and will have it submitted to the Browning Reserve Group by the end of the week.
  • The Lodge pool sweep had to be replaced.  The unit was 10 years old and could be repaired for $800.  The cost to replace the pool sweep was $1,014.  The sweep was replaced.
  • Purchased a new Husqvarna backpack leaf blower for our Maintenance person in the amount of $500.  The blower is a commercial grade.  The previous leaf blower was 10 years old and could no longer be fixed.
  • Both pool usage is down from previous years. Both Pools will be closing on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th at 7pm for the season.

Treasurers Report: Treasurer, Tom Jeanes, reported the year-to-date expenses in the following accounts: Operating Account $61,516.64, Debit Card $4,830.51, Capital Reserve Account $217,239.52, Forest Fund $73,510.81, Road Fund Account $92,077.80 & Edward Jones Account $264,177.47.  Tom went on to say that pool expenses are slightly under budget for the quarter and should be under budget for the year, mostly chemicals.  Pool and additional staff costs, this cost is about $6700 per month and with another month of operation this number will be about $15,000 for this year, will have to plan for next year, will be about $21,000.  Some of these expenses are seasonal, utilities, pool & maintenance, but the budget should keep them in line for the year.  Edward Jones Investment account has reported a loss of $100.

Fire Safety Committee:  Chairperson, Kay Campbell for the Sierra Springs Regional Fire Safe Council reported, John Kipping a Member of the Association has volunteered his time and professional grade chipper along with other volunteers to clean & chip brush and tree limbs along the walking/equestrian trial.  Kay also reported that she received two more Fire Wise Community signs to be placed possibly at the Lodge & Wisteria Pools.

Road Committee:  Bill Campbell reported that he is working with the Contractor to line the additional culvert pipes that require the concrete cloth.  Bill also stated that he would like to draft a letter to PG&E regarding the damages their trucks & equipment have done to portions of the non-county maintained roadways.  Bill will have the Board review the proposed letter before mailing it.

Roger DeGray made a motion for a resolution to discuss all the items on tonight’s Agenda.  Ray Schoenwandt seconds the motion. 
M/S/C DeGray/Schoenwandt 5-0 motion carries

08-A01 – Authorization to Allied for RFN – (07-A07) Reviewed the Request for Notice (RFN).  This authorization puts the County & State on notice when a property is sold so the Association does not lose out on past due fines or dues.  Cathy Petersen made a motion to approve the RFN.  Roger DeGray seconds the motion.
M/S/C Petersen/DeGray 5-0 motion carries

 08-A02 – Impose Fire Fine - Cathy Petersen made a motion to amend agenda item 08-A02 Impose Fire Fines Roger DeGray seconds the motion.  M/S/C Petersen/DeGray 5-0 motion carries
Discussed imposing fire fines of $100 per month with loss of privileges on the following properties effective 09/01/20.  Unit & Lot numbers: 1-065, 22-092, 21-003, 22-127, 21-040, 21-052, 21-037, 21-030, 3-268, 21-010, 21-013, 22-055, 22-154, 22-058, 22-070, 22-119, 22-111, 22-087, 24-195, 24-198, 24-187, 3-239, 1-017, 1-016 & 21-004.  Cathy Petersen made a motion to impose fire fine of $100 per month with the loss of privileges effective 09/01/20 on the properties that were read off.  Roger DeGray seconds the motion.
M/S/C Petersen/DeGray 5-0 motion carries

08-A03 – Adopt Collection Policy – (06-A02) – Cathy Petersen reviewed the revised Collection Policy stating that the current policy is 90 days before a Member goes into collections.  With the proposed Collection Policy, a Member would not go into collections for 270 days which at that point a Member would be 3 quarters behind rather than one and a half months behind.  Cathy Petersen made a motion to adopt the Collection Policy as presented.  Ray Schoenwandt seconds the motion.
M/S/C Petersen/Schoenwandt 5-0 motion carries

08-A04 – Adopt SSOA Fine Policy – (06-A03) - Reviewed the proposed fine policy.  Cathy Petersen made a motion to adopt the Fine Policy as presented.  Donna Barrese seconds the motion.
M/S/C Petersen/Barrese 5-0 motion carries

08-A05 – Amendment to Exterior Property Rules - Reviewed the proposed Exterior Property Rules.  Changes to the language were discussed, this item will be carried over to the September Board Meeting.

08-A06 – Commercial Activity Rules – Discussed the proposed draft of the Commercial Activity Rules.  After further discussion, the Board agreed to send out the proposed Commercial Activity Rules with the September Newsletter & statements for review by the membership.  This item will be carried over to the November Board Meeting.

08-A07 – App for Fire Safety & CCR Committee - Discussed reimbursing the Fire Safety & CCR Committee for the purchase of “Land Glide” app.  This app helps the evaluators when they are viewing properties to determine who the recorded property owner is, property lines and address.  Roger DeGray made a motion to approve of the app not to exceed $1,200 a year, to be deducted from “Office Expense” account. Ray Schoenwandt seconds the motion.
M/S/C DeGray/Schoenwandt 5-0 motion carries

08-A08 – Architectural Committee – This item has been carried over to the September Board Meeting.

08-A09- Purchase of Pool Cover – The Wisteria Pool cover needs to be replaced.  The pool cover is a special-order commercial pool cover that can only be purchased through a Pool Contractor.  The cost to purchase the custom pool cover through Loop Loc is $4,433.88.  The estimated time of arrival for the pool cover is 6 weeks.  Cathy Petersen made a motion to approve the purchase of a new custom pool cover for the Wisteria pool in the amount of $4,433.88 to be deducted from the Capital Reserve Account.  Roger DeGray seconds the motion.
M/S/C Petersen/DeGray 5-0 motion carries

Roger DeGray made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:24 pm.
Donna Barrese seconds the motion.
Meeting Adjourned 8:24 PM

Respectfully Submitted by, Shelly Thompson, Association Manager

Minutes scheduled to be adopted at 09/09/2020 Board Meeting