Executive Board Meetings
(for Board of Directors only) are held on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm.
Agenda is posted here.

Regular Board Meetings
(open to all SSOA Members) are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month 6:30 pm. at the Lodge/Office. Members may opt to join in the meeting via Zoom if preferred. The Zoom link and instructions will be included on the Meeting agenda which is always posted at least 3 days prior to the meeting. Banner signs are also posted at all entrances to the neighborhood 4-5 days in advance to serve as reminders.

The SSOA Board of Directors welcomes and encourages all members to attend these important monthly meetings. There is always an opportunity for any members to ask questions or give feedback to the Board.

It’s YOUR association - be a part of it!

SSOA 2022 Meetings Timeline

Regular Board Meetings for 2022

NOTE: All meetings will be held via ZOOM until Covid restrictions are lifted. Log-in links will be included in the agenda documents prior to each meeting. They will also be provided on the Sierra Springs Watch Facebook page.

Fire Safety Meetings page link

Why should I attend my SSOA Board Meetings? Here’s why……

  1. I care about what is going on in my community, to be informed, ask questions, provide comments or make suggestions.
  2. I care about the dues I am paying and how my money is being spent.
  3. I want to be involved in conversations about any proposed or planned changes in and around my neighborhood.
  4. I want to help with special events: (Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween, etc.)
  5. I want to be on a committee (Fire Safety, Roads, Architectural, Events)
  6. I want to help manage our association (Board of Directors)

Meetings may be attended either in person at the lodge or via zoom. 2nd Wednesday of every month. Agenda is posted on the website 3 days prior.