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For questions contact SSOA:

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-3pm
Association Manager: Shelly Thompson
Office: (530) 644-2182

Useful Documents

Septic Systems GuideGuidelines on how to work with your septic system.


Architectural Application Use this form to request approval for architectural designs, buildings, fencing, wall or other structures, exterior additions, changes or alterations to existing structures to include color schemes, landscaping, roofs, decking, patio covers, the parking of recreational vehicles/vessels and trailers. It is recommended you refer to your property CC&Rs within the Governance section of this website for more details.

Reflective Sign order FormUse this form to apply for a reflective sign to increase the visibility of your address.

Complaint FormUse this form if you have a complaint, comment, or an idea about Sierra Springs Owners Association or another member.

Lodge Reservation FormUse this form to reserve the Lodge facilities.

Owners Information FormThe purpose for the Owners Information form is to be sure that the Association and our Management Company has the most current information on our Members. It is extremely important that the Association has your current mailing address and your email address to ensure proper notification is sent to you in a timely manner. A contact number should be on file in the event there is an emergency and we need to notify the property owner of the emergency.

Recreation Card Application Use this form to apply for, or to replace an Association recreation card. This access card allows members to enter areas such as the pool and the Lodge.

Recreation Stay FormUse this form to register your guests' use of the campsite area.

Firewood Collection Form Use this form to register for collection of firewood within Sierra Springs.

EBMC Information Use this information to setup payments for Eugene Burger Management Corporation (EBMC).